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Please note the reason the pictures contain mostly my kids is…. Because I am taking pictures of my kids. : ) Sometimes I also take random pictures of others. I am trying to share other images and I have extended taking pictures to some other students. Please let me know it you have a request at the larger events like track. During track I take around 1200-1400 images to get around 400 lightly edited images. I am not perfect and still make some user errors and still have a tendency of changing settings inavertantly occasionally.

AutoBahn Birthday Party JD 10th    9/4/2022

Just ask for link….

2022 Cross Country

2022 Hewitt-Trussville 9/1/2022
2022 Oak Mountain XC MS Invite 9/17/2022

2022 Briarwood Football     1/0    3/0

2022 Vestavia Scrimmage 01
2022 Chelsea Scrimmage 02
2022 Homewood Game 01      30/0

2027 Briarwood Graduation

2022 Chorus Event 5/2/2022
2022 Briarwood Presidents Day Event 2/15/2022

2022 Outdoor Track

2022 Meeting 07 Shelby County Championships 4/20/2022
2022 Meeting 06 Southern Conference 4/12/2022
2022 Meeting 05 Southern Conference 4/5/2022
2022 Meeting 04 Southern Conference 3/21/2022
2022 Meeting 03 Southern Conference 3/14/2022
2022 Meeting 02 Southern Conference 3/8/2022
2022 Meeting 01 Southern Conference 2/28/2022

2022 Indoor Track


2022 Briarwood Lacrosse

2022 Hoover Black Game 10 4/25/2022
2022 Mountain Brook Black Game 09 4/23/2022
2022 Vestavia Blue Game 09 4/19/2022
2022 Oak Mountain Game 08 4/9/2022
2022 Mountain Brook Silver Game 07 4/7/2022
2022 Vestavia Red Game 06 3/20/2022
2022 Mountain Brook Green Game 05 3/12/2022
2022 Briarwood GOLD Hoover 03/12/2022
2022 Briarwood Varsity Scrimmage Half Time 3/9/2022
2022 Briarwood Varsity Thompson 3/9/2022
2022 Auburn Game Game 02 3/5/2022
2022 Buck Creek Alabaster Red Game 01 2/27/2022

2022 Blu Lacrosse

2022 June 4-5 Blu 2030/2031 A 10U Country Lax Festival Hendersonville, TN
Blockheads Texas, No Excuse Memphis, No Excuse Nashville, Project Missouri

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