Our team has worked on various projects over the years. We have always worked closely with our client wherever our clients are located. We have worked for individuals. As well as working with many associations which managed many members.

We have providing online member directories, maps, social media presence, forums, all private and public varieties. We have created online stores all the way to illustrated cartoons.

We have also created onside applications for association’s annual conventions. Which could search and print badges, receipts and tickets onside also help with collected money and accounting. We felt passionate about this niche market and also submitted proposals for badge kiosks and self printing stations for reprinting badges or in certain cases exhibitors substituting for someone else. We also studied this process in dept and were onsite multiple times to help and to work on the streamlining this process.

We are also passionate about helping the community. We spoke at associations and have written multiple articles in magazines to help others with a web presence. Our goal is to teach the importance of owning your own content but participating in social media also. One change from a social media company could cripple any company of any size. Which is why no one should have all their cake on one platform. 🙂 Everyone has to diversify and cross distribute information to help customers from multiple platforms and applications to find your company or association. The only way to know your brand can be views by customers is owning a source of the information.